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"Cassie, I do hope you’re being careful."

Logan Marshall Green Gif Hunt

None of these gifs are mine. Like if using.

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If I were going to make a RotBTD Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer, who would be who????

If you’re going off the movie:

Hiccup- Charlie

Jack- Patrick

Rapunzel- Sam

Merideth- Mary Elizabeth

This silence is eerie


Fancy seeing you here, Alastor. Haven’t seen you in my office in ages, does that mean you’ve been good?


"Well ain’t this jus a lov’ly surprise? I were jus wond’rin whare ya were, Amelia, darlin."


"Well ‘s more like I got inta a bit o’ a row wit mah superiors n ‘ave been stuck on a desk fer tha past week."

This silence is eerie


You know, if you weren’t such a great teacher, you wouldn’t have this problem. Really it’s your fault you’re so lonely - everyone’s probably off trying to make you proud.


If I’d known you’d miss me this much, I’d’ve kept up with the bumbling incompetence lark a bit longer. Merlin knows it’d be easier than having to be an actual productive member of the Order.

" ‘f I waren’t such a great teacha, thare wouldn’t be no lil kiddos alive out thare ta try n make meh proud. Thay all woulda met some gruesome, bloody end."


"Kept ‘t up? Oh so ya mean this ain’t part o’ yer act, Prewitt? Mah m’stake."

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I think I’m gonna make a separate blog for Enyo and Hecate, because they’re the only ones I play actively…


I need Ethan to betray everyone for Danny.

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No one taking my opens?

Okay, I’m gonna go back to the RPG world then